5 Shows For Cats To Watch

by Marfred | Last Updated: July 16, 2020

Do cats watch shows like humans? Indeed, feline pets love to watch things out of the window. You will be surprised your cat also intently stares on the TV to watch a show. Why not provide a show suitable for cats to watch at home?

Many YouTube channels today have been producing videos featuring wildlife. Some homeowners observed how cats and other home pets participate in watching videos once in a while. If you have access to the internet, try playing wildlife stories in front of a cat and see how it reacts.

Free Entertainment Shows for Cats

A great alternative over cat’s hunting instincts is making them watch suitable videos. It is safer and less messy for every homeowner. We gathered some of the best shows for cats online. Look into our list to get started!

Here are our top favorite shows you can watch with feline pets:

1. Mouse Videos

Did you already watch Tom & Jerry? It would also be a good show for cats to watch.

The perfect prey in the cat’s sight is a mouse. They respond quickly upon seeing a mouse in real life and observe the same reaction in front of a TV.

Mouse videos are not only interesting for cats to watch but also awaken their hunting skills to the next levels.

2. Fish Videos

Another ideal prey for cats is a small fish. Some household that has a fish pond makes cat sit and watch for the fishes nearby.

Feline pets might hate water but love to eat fishes. To avoid getting trouble with your small pond, let your cat watch fish stories instead. It is a little entertaining for cats and an hour would be enough.

3. Squirrel Videos

Squirrel and cat almost have the same interests over things. They both love to chase prey in the wild. Thus, letting your feline pet watch a squirrel video is a good idea.

Look for videos containing personal footage of squirrels doing such wildlife stuff. Their fast movements will trigger the excitement of your pet watching them on screen.

Just watch out for possible wild reactions by your cat, as he might scratch the screen.

4. Bird Collection Videos

Sometimes feline pets get bored indoors. Here is a bird collection video to ease the boredom of your cat. It will last for almost two hours and is more than enough to energize your pet.

Cats do love seeing flying birds through the window. Perhaps they envied the freedom birds have earned. Watching birds seems to gain their desired freedom as well, even just by seeing it.

Bird videos also help ease cats’ emotional and behavioral problems. Better select a show with a bird of many kinds to satisfy the personal needs of your cat.

5. Fellow Cat Videos

Cats also like watching alike beings. This is best recommended for a feline pet not having a cat companion at home. It makes him not to feel alone.

There are many cat entertainment shows you can search online. Some of them are funny cartoons while others are personal footage of cats. Either way would be suitable for your pet to watch.

Another way is to let your cat see its own video playing on-screen. You will be surprised by its reaction.

A Bit Reminder

Letting feline pets watch a favorite show near the screen is not advisable. They might try to paw the screen as if the thing in front of them is real. Keep your cat’s paw away from the screen to ensure peaceful viewing hours.

Not all cats can last long in front of a monitor. Observe your pet once in a while to tell whether he is enjoying the show or not. When the cat is showing signs of frustration, better stop watching.

Most cat breeds have difficulty in viewing shows on-screen for longer periods of time. As an alternative, these breeds watch over the window. The mood will largely depend on cats, so better watch out for your pet’s interest.

How about on cats not having interest over a show?

As mentioned earlier, some cats are not really into shows. Some cat parents do not get the right response from cats upon watching those listed above. It is normal for other breeds though.

Maybe a laser pointer will help you out to get started?

The laser pointer helps to develop the alertness of your cat. Avoid directing the light to the cat’s eyes to prevent further damage. Make him catch the light not more than 20 minutes daily. See if the cat is already upset, and then decide to stop.

Overall, the cat parent’s goal is to provide entertainment over their pets to alter some bad behaviors.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have ideas of what to watch with your cats, get popcorn and cat treats and just feel the show. It is one of the best ways to spend time with your feline pet. You may choose to see different shows a day to satisfy your pet.

Share in the comment of how your cat reacts to each show. We are too excited to hear from you!