6 Things To Know About The Russian Blue Cat Breed

by Marfred | Last Updated: July 10, 2020

Does Russian Blue Cat literally hail from Russia? What are the unique factors about the feline breed? These are just a few questions concerning Russian Blue Cat Breed. Let us discover some more facts regarding the cat breed below!

All About Russian Blue Cat

Do you hear about Russian Blue Cat before? Our team has made a research and found out important things concerning the said cat breed. Without further ado, let’s get it started!


Russian blue cat is a progeny in Russian Arkhangelsk port. It is where its breed nickname Archangel cat has come from.

They are being picked up by the sailors in the 1800s at the port and sail through Europe. The cat breed was exposed in England shows and next to the United States in the early 1900s.

Their number decreases during World War II, but breeders in Europe regions preserve the breed. Russian blue cats are crossed with different cat breeds.


It may seem a gray cat at first glance, but Russian Blue actually has a blue coat. The cat has a silvery short coat that adds class on its appearance. It has a double-layered coat with a silky touch good for cuddles.

Furthermore, Russian Blue has bright green eyes resulting in a fiercer look. Its wedge-shaped head makes the cat more stunning with its large wide ears. It delivers a Mona Lisa smile through its upturned mouth that eventually brings joy.

The average weight of Russian Blue is up to 14-pounds and a life expectancy of 20 years.


Russian Blue Cat is a bit reserved compared to other cat breeds toward strangers. It showers the family members of its loyalty while ignoring the guests in a while. It won’t last long that way as this cat would be very affectionate.

They are also brainy and too sensitive to any tone of voice in times of training. It is so easy to interact with this cat breed, as they respond to every talk.

Russian Blue plays along with the other pets and even children in the house the gentle way. Like dogs, this cat breed can play fetch and other pet toys.

Overall, Russian Blues are a friendly cat but typically quiet at first. They can be independent at home which is a perfect breed for people living alone.  A man’s companion cat breeds without a doubt.

Health Essentials

Russian Blue cats have no recorded genetic problems up to now. They are a healthy cat breed, thus maintenance is less required. On the other side, they are not hypoallergenic thus allergic issues against humanity cannot be avoided.

Below is a list of other essential needs of Russian Blues:

Grooming Needs

This feline breed highly concerns about bathroom hygiene. A litter box should be present to catch its waste for a spotless home.

More than that is the basic grooming needs. Russian Blues demand only slight grooming, unlike the other high-maintenance cats. It takes a maximum of two grooming sessions in a week, including the removal of dead fur.

Other grooming needs like brushing teeth, cleaning the ears, and cutting the nails must always be checked.

Exercise Needs

Russian Blue is similar to Manx cat breed on the activity he likes doing. It gracefully moves like a ballerina when he desires. Playing fetch is what makes this cat breed active indoors. A scratching post also aids them to play around indoors not to get bored.

Russian Blues are not like regular cats with specific exercise routines. They are just a simple cat flexible enough to move around the house or to cuddle with its favorite human.

Diet Needs

Regular cat food can meet Russian Blues’ daily diet needs. They are not too complicated to nourish as compared to other home pets.

During mealtime, Russian Blues are in a hurry for their meal to arrive. Make sure to feed them in a fixed schedule as part of disciplinary training.

Prepare a treat suitable for cats for training purposes, if necessary. It is up to you.


Since Russian Blues are known to be a quiet cat breed, they also liked the comfort of calmness. They desire a little quiet surrounding with their favorite people.

Russian Blues like to be around their keeper almost anytime. They are so ready to give nonstop love and cuddles in whatever their humans do.

Healing Abilities

Traditional stories claim Russian Blues have healing abilities and not just a stroke of good luck. It does not matter whether we believe in it or not.

The best thing is, how cats of any breed bring a cure for people suffering from loneliness. They are cuddling pets that are really effective to heal humans’ hearts. Plus, the facts above are enough proof that caring for a Russian Blue cat could not be a burden.


Are you now planning to adopt a Russian Blue cat? Pure breed cats are everywhere, but ensure to buy one legally. Cats ready for adoption are commonly set up in local rescues and shelters.

Russian Blues are a popular and unique cat breed with very limited numbers up-to-date. They are low maintenance home pets that would make your life joyful as ever.

We invite you to share some thoughts about the particular cat breed in the comment box. Let us talk over it deeply.