Do Persian Cats Make Good Pets?

by Marfred | Last Updated: June 16, 2020

Cats can be a great addition to your family if you are looking for a new pet. But it’s important to do your research before making a commitment. Persian cats are a favorite breed of cat lovers everywhere and can make great pets for the right family.

Persian cats are typically friendly, mild-mannered animals that bond quickly with their owners. However, be aware that they require more care and grooming than other kinds of cats. They are pleasant animals and make great pets if you can manage the upkeep. But if you cannot commit to grooming them regularly, they may not be the pet for you.

The Temperament of Persian cats

Persian cats are known for being gentle and endearing. They are great house pets because they are not known to display an abundance of energy. They tire easily – especially as they get older – and don’t require high degrees of exercise.

They are great pets if you have children. They are not aggressive and are too small and soft to be a threat to a child’s safety. They are also known for their soft, fluffy coat, which can be quite appealing to small children.

In terms of personality, they are great pets. They are good-natured and docile. They won’t ruin your sofas or hardwood floors with excessive activity. Plus, they don’t need much additional training to coexist happily with your family. The difficulty arrives in attempting to maintain the thick, luxurious coats that make them famous.

Persian cat grooming

Persian cats need extra care when it comes to maintaining their coat. They have thick, often unruly fur that can become a nuisance if not properly maintained.

They need to be groomed often to ensure they are able to live comfortably, not just for cosmetic reasons. Their calm nature makes the grooming process an easy, yet a time-consuming activity that you must commit to if you own a Persian cat.

Most vets recommend daily grooming. Some suggest spending as long as an hour a day coming to your Persian cat to prevent their fur from getting matted or clumped together. If their fur becomes too tangled, it will cause issues for your pet. They may have trouble moving around freely if objects of the waste get stuck in their fur.

This can become an issue if they use a litter box. Clumped fur will cause litter to get stuck in your pet’s coat, making it difficult for them to relieve themselves. This may lead to your cat dragging litter or waste around the house or simply refraining from using the litter box.

Outside of daily hair brushing, you should give them a bath every two to six weeks depending on how active they are. This will keep your Persian cat’s fur sleek and luscious. It will get rid of any dirt or litter that may be nestled in the fur and hard to detect.

There are special shampoos on the market you can purchase specifically for Persian cats. These shampoos are specially designed to clean their unique fur and will keep their coat from getting greasy or course.

How to Know if a Persian cat is right for you or your family

Persian cats are great for those who want an easy-going addition to their family and don’t mind the extra effort. The drawbacks to the breed have nothing to do with the cat’s personality. But the reality is, not everyone will have the time or interest in constantly maintaining their pet.

Persian cats are not the best pets if you work long hours and are not home frequently. They are not ideal if you have many pets or small children that may need an equal amount of care.

Many people like keeping cats as pets because they are low maintenance and capable of taking care of themselves. This is mostly true of Persian cats; however, additional grooming may not be ideal for everyone. If you are looking for a cat to feed and play with but otherwise leave alone, Persians are not the best breed.

But Persians can be a great pet for those looking for a warm and cuddly companion who plays well with humans and other animals. As long as you understand the level of maintenance they require, Persian cats can be great pets.

Where to find a Persian cat

Persian cats can be found anywhere pets are available. However, not all pet stores and animal breeders are ethical. It’s important to do your research to find one that treats their animals in a humane way.

Check with your local veterinarian for recommendations on breeders or friends who are animal lovers. If no one in your area knows a reputable breeder who carries Persian cats, there are other sources you can reference.

The internet is always a good place to start. However, it’s important to vet any establishment you find quite thoroughly to ensure it is top-notch. Ask for references and find out how the animals are housed and treated before committing to purchase. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with a questionable breeder.

Animal cruelty is not the only reason you should be wary of bad breeders – although if you are a pet lover this should enough to convince you. Persian cats can experience health problems that can be life-threatening and expensive to treat.

They are known to experience problems with their kidneys, eyes, heart, bladder, and respiratory system. These problems can be easily avoided or treated if caught early on. But if you purchase the pet from a non-reputable source, the cat may have severe health issues.

Overall, Persian cats are great pets for those who are up to the responsibility. They are cute and cuddly and play well with others. Just make sure to keep up with their grooming and vet appointment and you’ll have a fun new addition to your family.