How To Tell If Your Cat Is Bored?

by Marfred | Last Updated: July 16, 2020

So, what do feline pets do amidst of boredom? Sometimes cat toys, treats, and other stuff are not enough to keep our pets joyful. Unlike humans, cats cannot tell when they become uninterested over things.  The only way is to be aware of the possible clues of boredom your pet is currently facing.

Seven Signs Your Cat Is Bored

Signs of boredom are very visible in the eye of owning a cat. Look into the following signs to identify whether your feline pet is bored. That includes:

1. Sleeps a lot

It is very unusual for cats to sleep far too often unless they feel bored. Pets living indoors have more time of sleep than those roving outside. However, it is not a good reason for cats to shut their eyes longer than before.

Interacting with your cat helps to keep him awake during active hours. Play sessions could be used despite their age. Keeping them active also aids their overall health and performance.

2. Eats too much

Upon consulting a vet, you will know the right amount of diet your cat must consume in a day. Observe how its mealtime habit changes.

Cat is rather bored when he spends more time in eating not to satisfy hunger but for the sake of doing something. It could damage the pet’s health and turn into obesity when not treated well. A proper routine exercise can alter the habit.

On the contrary, some cats eat too little or ignore their food when being fed up. The major shift of the cat’s eating pattern will result in unexplainable weight gain or loss.

3. Destructive Behavior

Leaving feline pets unattended can result in troubles over home stuff. Social interactions are too important for cats not to behave badly around the house. There must always be a stimulating activity to avoid such disastrous actions.

Cats will scratch anything to release boredom, or to get some attention. Cleaning up the mess would be the aftermath, so better spend time with your cat once in a while to prevent such behavior.

4. Over-Grooming

Feline pets do groom themselves by licking out their fur or gently biting their skin. When self-grooming becomes extreme, there might be something wrong. Your cat’s mood somehow drops down leading him to rip out its own fur.

Boredom could lead to depression over cats. It makes shedding even worse than usual due to excessive grooming. This will end up in skin irritations when not suddenly treated.

Make grooming time as a way of bonding with your cat. It seems caring attention for feline pets when we brush their fur every day. It also helps to keep cat’s fur healthy and more stunning after suffering from too much shedding.

5. Poops or pees everywhere

Using a litter box is a normal thing for feline pets. They are too responsible for leaving their waste in the right places, unlike other home pets.

When cats do not receive your attention, things will change. They will neglect using the litter box and just poop or pee everywhere. In this way, cats will catch everyone’s attention and be clingy again.

This happens because cats feel neglected by the people around them, and then gets bored. Better consult your vet to check whether the cause is due to a potential medical issue or just boredom strikes.

6. Bullies other home pets

Cats are not ruthless towards other pets, but boredom can push them to pick fights with other pets around them. You may notice your feline pet chasing after other cats or punches your dog, and it is a great sign your cat is bored.

Perhaps your cat thinks of doing such a thing would stimulate how it feels. On the other hand, picking fights might harm them even more especially with bigger and more aggressive pets.

It can be rectified by giving your cat enough attention. One thing that triggers such behavior is he feels jealous of the attention you give to the other pets.

7. Clinginess

Being clingy is innate with cats. They loved sitting on your feet and just staying beside you for no reason. It might be their way to show how they care.

Clinginess becomes too much when they get bored. Everywhere you go, he will follow. That is cute though but sometimes annoys some cat keepers.

Then again, spending time with your cat is the best remedy to ease the boredom. Make time to just play and cuddle with your pet in a day. Like humans, cats also craved attention and love from others, especially from their favorite human.

Three Ways to Relief Bored Cats

Cats must not be stuck feeling fed up the whole day, as it may affect their overall health. There are ideas to help a bored cat get through the day. Some includes:

Scratching Posts

A scratching post will alter your cat’s destructive behavior. You may place improvised scratchers by the entrances and exits of your cat’s territory. Felines are more than happy to perform clawing almost a day.

Puzzle Feeders

Make a way to ease the cat’s boredom in times of feeding with the use of puzzle feeders. Cats will be happier when they are challenged and making an effort in everything. A good puzzle feeder is available in the market, but you can make your own by using toilet rolls or any other boxes.

DIY Walkways

Cats will climb all over the place when they are bored and may result in trouble. Many climbing challenges can be an alternative over sofas and other furniture. Search for DIY walkways inspiration online for your cat to climb along.

Some more ways to release cats from boredom are the following:

Final Words

Summing it all up, feline pets got easily bored and we can figure it out that fast. Watching them doing strange things is a great sign of them feeling unhappy. The signs are very obvious and clear to understand.

The best thing is, there are a number of ways to break the cat’s dullness moment in a day. Keepers play a vital role to cast out monotony feelings over the cats.

Share your experiences below in dealing with a bored cat!