What is a Pedigree Cat?

by Marfred | Last Updated: July 10, 2020


There is no doubt that cats are one of the most interesting animals in the world. Their uncanny resemblance to tiger is a very fascinating known fact. Cats  may be small in size but their natural ability to exude gracefulness is always intriguing.

The cat’s body is covered with soft and velvety fur of various colors and has 4 adorable short legs with sharp claws hidden in their plump little jelly bean paws. For thousand of years, cats who were once wild are now domesticated and living with their humans harmoniously.

They are now considered as one of the most preferred pets with over 100 types of breed known to us. Although there are many different breeds available, some people still prefer a pedigree cat.

What is a Pedigree Cat?

With their delightful habits and charming features, a lot of people have become interested in owning cats. As a a result, a prevalent increase in demand of pedigree cats can be observed. Some of you might be wondering, “what is a pedigree cat?”

The idea of pedigree cat is to produce offspring whose both lineage can be traced back to at least 4 generations of registered and known cat breed without adulteration, hence the term pure breed. Pedigree cats are preferred because they are specifically bred to foster traits and features that cat lovers may find appealing and desirable such as body shapes, coat types and colors and most especially their characteristics.

Why Pedigree Cat is a Good Choice?

Choosing a pure bred cat will likely spare the cat owner of having a pet with unpleasant temperament.It has been proven that pedigree cats are more congenial and affectionate because their characteristics such as attitude and behavior can be influenced depending on the choice of the pet owner.

For example, if a pet owner prefers a cat with a more social and outgoing personality, then the Ragdoll breed is the fitting choice. They are also considered as ideal pets for children. While on the other hand, if a pet lover prefers a cat that can be taught with tricks, the Siamese is a good option. They have an impressive ability to learn tricks and are very playful.

5 Most popular Pedigree Cat Breed

The largest Texas based genetic cat registry association has recognized over 70 pure bred cats. For many years, a lot of pedigree breeds have garnered tremendous love and appreciation from many cat lovers around the world. This is mostly because of the constant features of their own kind on televisions, movies and other media platforms.

These pure bred felines are able to highlight their unique personality traits, distinguished physical appearances and other adorable antics which capture the heart of many cat lovers. Here are some of the most popular pedigree cats around the world.

American Shorthair

It has a medium – sized body covered with patterned coat. It has a cute round face and short ears. The American Shorthair is a pleasant pet companion because of its good natured character and ability to adapt well to any types of household. It is said that American shorthair is a devoted pet and ideal for children and senior citizens because of its calm demeanor.

Persian Cat

It is considered to be one of the oldest and most recognizable cat breeds characterized by its gentle  behavior and often admired for its glamorous and attractive appearance . It has a long fluffy coat perfect for cuddles. Persian cats are known to be good at being lap cats with their placid personalities.

Siamese Cat

This cat breed originated from Thailand and can be easily identified with its distinct coloration on its ears, face, feet and tail which is more commonly known as pointing. Siamese cat is highly popular not only because of its gorgeous features but also its ability to demonstrate intelligence. Siamese cats are also extremely affectionate.

Maine Coon Cat

It is known for its big stature and usually weighs 9 to 18 pounds including its thick fur. Despite its hefty weight, Maine coon is described as people – oriented cat and do not require much attention because of its independent personality. This breed of feline generally get along well with kids and dogs.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll is one of the largest breeds in the cat fancy known for its long coat fur and captivating blue eyes. It is mostly favored for its adorable habits of limping and flopping like a stuffed doll when it is being held or cuddled. The Ragdoll is most suitable for pet owners who prefer a more laid – back pet companionship. Despite its docile personality, Ragdoll cat loves fetching games.


For cat lovers who are interested to have cat companions, you may speak or ask for help from certified cat breeders or adoption centers to guide you in choosing a pet cat that may suit your style and liking.

It is important to remember that all these amazing creatures have individual personalities and each of them may require certain adjustments.

We want our pet cats to be with us for a longer time so we must provide them the much needed care, love and stress – free environment. There are hundreds of breed in the world to choose from but they are all equally fantastic and beautiful.